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Been a while.

Going to this. Won't let the fear of police brutality stop me...or they (and the wall street elites they are protecting) have won.

Homeland Security or Securing the Homeland?

As a senior in college with only 5 classes separating me from my degree, I'm beginning to realize that my major focuses should have been criminology, psychology, history, economics, political science and chinese. Got 2 out of 6 at least. My studies won't stop with my undergrad. What your professors won't tell you but want to: Universities won't teach you truth but they do equip you with the ability to find it. This is still valuable.

The media depicts a fantasy world that too many people are buying as truth or at least close to it. All valuable information worth knowing in this world will not come through that tube but through extensive studying of data, trends, critical analysis of history and current affairs. It is all interconnected.

We are being treated like we are idiots. Red vs. blue like 6 year olds playing cops and robbers. Everything written in news at 7th grade literacy levels. Education levels dropping yet we agree to cut educational funding cause we've been convinced that the educational system has in some significant way affected the deficit. Hmm...maybe we are being treated like we are stupid because so many people really are buying what's being sold. Wake UP people. Take some initiative and start exploring things for yourself.

One thing I'm really taking away from my criminological studies is that we are willing to accept that fraud has happened in the past but are blind to it as it happens right now. We need to take these retrospective goggles and aim it toward what's happening in this world today, even if what you find looks like "conspiracy theory" or mass fraud. Embrace it, even if some of it is just spin control. There is so much to know and our curiosities should be lifelong.

Good luck... We are all gunna need it.

oh period where art thou?

ohhh i do this every once and a while...i stop taking the pill, loose track of my period schedule, wake up one morning with tender breasts and cramping, assume my period is on its way, only for several days to pass without getting a period. yep, you guessed it...i start to ponder the possibility of pregnancy. all of this is happening right now. but it's happened before and i eventually get my period so no need to worry yet, right? my breasts are ESPECIALLY tender and my cramps are ESPECIALLY intense these days but that could just be due to my body reacting to being off the pill for the first time in 4 months. why am i off it? cause i havent had a chance to go pick up another pack... hopefully my laziness won't result in a life time long consequence.

no need to worry yet...

Art minor...


Economic collapse. Peak oil. Population spikes followed by immediate drops. Survival in a world without oil. Have you guys seen this documentary? It's on instant netflix, or all parts (1-9) can be watched on youtube. I'd love a discussion on this. This documentary is LOADED but it hits on a lot of things I've been thinking about lately. Honestly, it makes me depressed, but should we continue to ignore the warnings? Should we get prepared? Is this guy just a conspiracy theorist alarmist? Here's a couple of clips from it:

Conservadouches strike again

Dear current republican leaders in congress,

I have tried time and time again to find redeeming qualities in what your party stands for, but you are making this search painstakingly difficult for me. Since you've taken majority leadership in November, I knew I needed to prepare myself to be generally angry until you fall back into the minority, whenever that may be.This means in able for me to stay sane throughout the next couple of years, I'm going to have to ignore most of your proposed bills and budget cuts. But today, I just cannot do that. There is a line and you have crossed it, republicans.

I see through your tactics, any 4 year old could. You are using the state of the economy to push your personal agendas. Yeah, we get it, we're broke. You've bashed that into our heads for years now. What I don't get is your explanation as to why we are broke. Is it cause of the war? No. Is it cause of the bailout? Not really. According to you... it's because of planned parenthood! They're milking this economy dry! I mean, can't you see it? Every Planned Parenthood I've ever seen is decked out in the finest and most extravagant tax-funded decor. I mean, just LOOK at this place:

Portland Health Center
You can just SMELL the wealth seeping from this vyinyl sided split-level apartment complex turned clinic sitting on this concrete slab. Those greedy bastards. Down with PP!

...Please, you and I both know planned parenthood has practically nothing to do with the deficit. Since you guys have proven to be heartless and only understand things in the form of numbers, let me break this down for you. Getting rid of planned parenthood will almost certainly increase the deficit in the long run. You give a measly 350 million to all of the planned parenthoods in all of the united states a year.

With that we are able to prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies to women who can't afford children and would therefore need to rely on welfare to raise them. Not to mention the cost of the pregnancy and birth itself. 

With that money we are able to prevent and control STI's and STD's, which would otherwise cost billions in health care to treat (prevention is much cheaper than lifetime HIV and AIDS treatment).

With that money, young women are able to get affordable HPV vaccinations, which without could lead to a drastic spike in cervical cancer among young women, meaning they would have to get their cervix removed, leaving them with the inability to ever bare children. Oh, or they could die. And don't you preach that every life is sacred? 

With that funding they help women in abusive relationships get out of them.

With that funding people who don't have health care can qualify for services which they will pay for on a sliding scale according to their income. I used that service when I made $8.40 an hour at Panera Bread, and never once was it to fund an abortion.

With that funding, nurses and doctors are employed, meaning they make money which is spent and therefore sent back into the economy only to be taxed again later on.

Planned Parenthood has given me the opportunity to have affordable gyno check ups, affordable medication for minor infections, and affordable birth control to prevent a pregnancy I am not mentally or financially ready for, meaning I never brought a child into the world so that I would not have to rely on tax money to raise him/her. Never once has any of the services I used there had anything to d with receiving an abortion.

So screw you, republicans, for trying to use the "we're broke" excuse to defund P.P. cause we're not buying it. You are Bible thumping idealists who want nothing more than the poor to stay oppressed and the rich to get richer and more powerful. Enjoy your power, because it will be short lived. You may be able to set womens health back decades this year, but it'll be back. Once everyone sees the harm you will cause by doing this, it will be back.

Concerned and angry citizen,

Feb. 3rd, 2011

"I fear I may be dying."

"What makes you think that?"

"Because I was born."

The King is Dead Review

One week ago, I purchased The Decemberist's new album knowing that they had taken this album in a different direction and the album reviews were mixed. After about 5 listens to the album, I'm sufficiently ready to give my album review.

What this album is:
Pleasant. The King is Dead is pleasing to the ears and is brimming with catchy melodies that could lift you up even in your darkest days. This is a bit of an oddity for The Decemberists because much of their past music is bitter sweet which can manifest a variety of emotions in the listener. This is nice because they were due to put out something a little more light-hearted after Hazards of Love, even thought that album, in my opinion, approached musical genius.

What this album is not:
Musical genius.

Frankly, this album is a collection of americana pop-folk songs that last about 3 1/2 minutes each. It is reminicent of Colin Meloy's college band Tarkio, except a little more polished and radio-play ready. The instruments used in the album, such as fiddle and harmonica, were a nice touch, but may have just been used as genre signifiers. Without them, it might not be so obvious that this is supposed to be folk. At worst, we could say this is nothing more than formulaic top-40 music with a fiddle, but I honestly feel there is a little more heart in this album than that statement would suggest. The lyrics are still up to par with previous Decemberist albums, but there's no reason for Colin to lose his poetic passion overnight.

This album is a downgrade from Hazards as well as much of their other music, but that doesn't mean that this album is bad. It's not, it's quite good, just lacking in some of the characteristics that made me fall in love with them in the first place. If you have never heard The Decemberists, this isn't the album to start with because it doesn't capture their true creativity as musicians. Castaways & Cutouts, Picaresque, The Tain, Crane Wife, and Hazards of Love better exemplify their aesthetic and skill, but The King is Dead will fit in nicely with their discography once we come to terms with the fact that not every album of their's needs to be a musical masterpiece.

Next step: washboard abs?

So I got the day off from work today, which meant I had some time to organize my room. My closet was over flowing, so I took on the treacherous task of cleaning it out. As I was going through it, I found an old photo album from about 6 years ago.

Now I know I get discouraged sometimes and fall back into my old eating habits, but I found a picture in this album that really showed me how far I have come. This picture was probably taken at my heaviest, which was 169. I look so outrageously different now, it's phenomenal. I guess any time I feel like I'm disgusting or unappealing, I just have to remind myself that I'm not the 16 year old pudgy girl I once was.

Pictures and comments this way...Collapse )


A Yankee Swap of Beauty Conventions

I arrived to the annual family Christmas party and hour late last night. Before I got there, my 13 year old cousin Lyndy had told my aunt and other cousins that her mom (who was not at the party) had recently received a "dyke cut". Everyone found this amusing and it eventually got back to me when I finally sat down for some light chat around the h'orderves table. I don't know her mom nor do I care about her "dyke cut", but I also found it to be mildly humorous.

Lyndy had no idea that I heard what she said about her mom.

Later that night, Lyndy came up to me and said "my mom got a hair cut like yours".

Merry Christmas.