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Conservadouches strike again

Dear current republican leaders in congress,

I have tried time and time again to find redeeming qualities in what your party stands for, but you are making this search painstakingly difficult for me. Since you've taken majority leadership in November, I knew I needed to prepare myself to be generally angry until you fall back into the minority, whenever that may be.This means in able for me to stay sane throughout the next couple of years, I'm going to have to ignore most of your proposed bills and budget cuts. But today, I just cannot do that. There is a line and you have crossed it, republicans.

I see through your tactics, any 4 year old could. You are using the state of the economy to push your personal agendas. Yeah, we get it, we're broke. You've bashed that into our heads for years now. What I don't get is your explanation as to why we are broke. Is it cause of the war? No. Is it cause of the bailout? Not really. According to you... it's because of planned parenthood! They're milking this economy dry! I mean, can't you see it? Every Planned Parenthood I've ever seen is decked out in the finest and most extravagant tax-funded decor. I mean, just LOOK at this place:

Portland Health Center
You can just SMELL the wealth seeping from this vyinyl sided split-level apartment complex turned clinic sitting on this concrete slab. Those greedy bastards. Down with PP!

...Please, you and I both know planned parenthood has practically nothing to do with the deficit. Since you guys have proven to be heartless and only understand things in the form of numbers, let me break this down for you. Getting rid of planned parenthood will almost certainly increase the deficit in the long run. You give a measly 350 million to all of the planned parenthoods in all of the united states a year.

With that we are able to prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies to women who can't afford children and would therefore need to rely on welfare to raise them. Not to mention the cost of the pregnancy and birth itself. 

With that money we are able to prevent and control STI's and STD's, which would otherwise cost billions in health care to treat (prevention is much cheaper than lifetime HIV and AIDS treatment).

With that money, young women are able to get affordable HPV vaccinations, which without could lead to a drastic spike in cervical cancer among young women, meaning they would have to get their cervix removed, leaving them with the inability to ever bare children. Oh, or they could die. And don't you preach that every life is sacred? 

With that funding they help women in abusive relationships get out of them.

With that funding people who don't have health care can qualify for services which they will pay for on a sliding scale according to their income. I used that service when I made $8.40 an hour at Panera Bread, and never once was it to fund an abortion.

With that funding, nurses and doctors are employed, meaning they make money which is spent and therefore sent back into the economy only to be taxed again later on.

Planned Parenthood has given me the opportunity to have affordable gyno check ups, affordable medication for minor infections, and affordable birth control to prevent a pregnancy I am not mentally or financially ready for, meaning I never brought a child into the world so that I would not have to rely on tax money to raise him/her. Never once has any of the services I used there had anything to d with receiving an abortion.

So screw you, republicans, for trying to use the "we're broke" excuse to defund P.P. cause we're not buying it. You are Bible thumping idealists who want nothing more than the poor to stay oppressed and the rich to get richer and more powerful. Enjoy your power, because it will be short lived. You may be able to set womens health back decades this year, but it'll be back. Once everyone sees the harm you will cause by doing this, it will be back.

Concerned and angry citizen,


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Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
yep, and i sent this message to state of maine senators, hoping that they get the picture that this is bullshit and we know what they're trying to do. and yeah, i get that theyve convinced conservative christians that this is a good deal and in line with the bible but everyone is gunna get fucked by this one way or another. more unwanted babies that can't be paid for = more spent on welfare and higher crime rates. plain and simple.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Plain ridiculous. I just joined the public education workforce, with far greater intentions than making money- but state education budgets are being cut with the rationale " It's a part time job! I mean really, SUMMERS OFF?!?" That principal is astounding, with such a obsolete value of education no wonder this country is lagging so far behind intellectually.
Mar. 3rd, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC)
i swear they want nothing more than to keep us poor and undereducated. this is supposed to be a democracy and they are taking our rights away one by one.
Mar. 4th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
revolution! for a more democracy-like democracy
Mar. 5th, 2011 11:27 pm (UTC)
yeah that kind.
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