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oh period where art thou?

ohhh i do this every once and a while...i stop taking the pill, loose track of my period schedule, wake up one morning with tender breasts and cramping, assume my period is on its way, only for several days to pass without getting a period. yep, you guessed it...i start to ponder the possibility of pregnancy. all of this is happening right now. but it's happened before and i eventually get my period so no need to worry yet, right? my breasts are ESPECIALLY tender and my cramps are ESPECIALLY intense these days but that could just be due to my body reacting to being off the pill for the first time in 4 months. why am i off it? cause i havent had a chance to go pick up another pack... hopefully my laziness won't result in a life time long consequence.

no need to worry yet...


Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
Well, you're definitely too young to be perimenopausal like I am. :-)

When do you leave for Germany? My mother said to remind you -- since she is German, from Munich -- be polite and very tidy and neat while there. Having grown up with the Commandant (what I sometimes call my mother) I know this all too well. And ask if you should remove your shoes before going in someone's home. That's also sometimes a taboo there. Shoes remain just inside the door or out on the porch. We never were allowed to wear our shoes in the house. Verboten!!

Have a great time, sweetie!